Skates and Equipment

For all those who do not have their own skates, we have a very comprehensive selection of well maintained free to hire roller skates available.

​Music is supplied by a state of the art amplified 4-way speaker system being fed by a computer driven music library running modern DJ software.

We do take request for music, but its done a week in hand as playlists are made prior to the sessions, thought we are looking into a system that would allow us to download music on the night for requests .

We have three DJs that take it in turns to bring their own different music vibes to the rink.
We usually have four full roller discos with effects lights each year, these are usually labeled as the Valentines,Spring, Halloween and Christmas roller discos. The hall is usually themed up with respect to which occasion it is. Of course Santa himself does tend to pop by our Christmas disco, but only if we are all good.